RDA Software

AWS Utility and Receiving Station Software
(Remote Data Access - RDA Software)

Online Weather Monitoring System Software

Designed for Hexatrik AWS systems

Data received from GSM/GPRS/UHF/ISM Receiver

GSM/GPRS network has Remote Station Access facility

Represent in various formats

Dynamic Data Exchange

Min/Max Calculation facility

User Authorization

User/Station maintenance at ease

1.Station codes with data presentation options

2.Plotting of individual selected parameter of a specific station and for specified period

3.Plotting of several parameters of Specific Station & specified periods.

Product of:

HEXATRIK Electronics

MIG A 156, Dr A S Rao Nagar, ECIL Post, Hyderabad, AP 500 062, BHARATH (India). E-mail: info@hexatri.in. www.hexatrik.in
Ph: +914065 279032
Note: Specifications subject to change. Please confirm at the time of purchase. Above picture is indicative only. Model varies as per requirement.

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