Yasaswy Electronic Systems - Company Profile

We are specialised in the design, manufacture and sale of automatic weather stations, weather sensors, agrometeorological instruments, mounting hardware, weather station software and telemetry options. We have been in operation since 1996 in design of Agrometeorological instruments and analysis of the met data. Weather Stations and Weather Sensors been designed in association with Hexatrik Electronics since 2008 and are to last in the harsh climate extremes, providing you with robust and reliable weather monitoring solutions.

Yasaswy has built its reputation on providing quality, professional, scientific and industrial weather stations and backing it up with the highest level of support all its customers, for the life of their equipment.

Yasaswy’s technical service department ensures that all products can be upgraded, serviced, recalibrated and repaired. Customers' support services are seen as equally important, with telephone and email support provided for the extended years after the purchase of the equipment.

Yasaswy offers met data analysis, also provides on-site repair and re-calibration of weather stations and weather sensors to customers on a regular basis, full installation and on-site service on specific need basis.